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It is the combination of techniques that derive from visual art. Headed by ILLUSTRATION, as the basis of our projects to sketch and express the idea; followed by DESIGN, with which we outline the strategies to solve and layout the creative proposals without losing detail. VISUAL ART and ANIMATION, united so that the image of any product or service is as attractive as possible. Last but not least, the AI ​​(artificial intelligence), with which we play in new challenges.

We approach each project with “the spirit I”.

IDARVIAN was created in 2018 with a creative proposal, but luck was not on our side and everything indicated that it was not the time for our idea. Not long ago, we understood why. And it is that you do not have to force dreams, but build them little by little, without haste. We understood that the process was more important than the result and that time is a perception, not a competition.

When the ILLUSION lands in our creation, it is when our IMAGINATION expands and new IDEAS arise.

We are Ana and Victoria, two millennial sisters from Malaga. Our inspiration has been formed with the references of cinema, music, ART of the 80s, 90s and early 00s.

Even in our childhood, we entertained ourselves with a few blank sheets of paper and coloured pencils. We spent hours and hours playing with Playmobil to make stop motion with the analogue camera. We read comics based on literature such as Don Quixote and Peter Pan, with which we discovered the importance of imagination, freedom and the fun of dreaming. We were never bored!.

Soon after, we had a contact with the first video games with The Commodore Amiga, The Master System or the Game Boy, with which we saw the evolution of the graphics.

In short, we are part of the generation of “digital natives”, since we have been halfway between traditional games and the emergence of technology.


It was that movie day when I was only six years old, when I saw the Drew Struzan poster, and I knew it.

Other references such as Salvador Dalí with surrealism, Hitchcock with his artistic expression in film noir, and Ana Criado with the design of credit titles, have been the culprits for her deciding to study in the Higher Degree of Illustration and the Degree in Fine arts.

Since then, I cannot conceive of my life without drawing or combining the arts to experiment with the image.

“Creativity is the ability to do new and different things” Ken Robinson.


Since my childhood I have always loved fantasy, nature, and everything that has to do with music and dance. Let’s say that they are my great inspirations. I consider myself a fan of the Star Wars saga, Tolkien’s work, Disney, and Steven Spielberg’s movies.

With the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations, my fascination for the first MTV video clips and advertisements with that cinematic touch, have caused me to want to dedicate myself to the visual arts. As well as the creative process to design the naming and branding development, as another facet of my creativity.

I have always been curious about everything around me. I think it is important and vital to expand our imagination in order to reach ingenious results that evoke new sensations.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite” John Muir.


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